Summer Schedule


  • 10:30 AM Morning Drive-in Worship Service

  • Online service available at 10:30 am



  • 7:00 Commission Meetings (2nd)

  • 8:00 Board Meeting (2nd)




  • 9:00 Men's Bible Study Breakfast (alternate) at Dravenstott's Restaurant


Witness Corner
July 1, 2021

God helps us build Family; God and Family are Partners



In August harvest is beginning, many activities are starting up again, school is ready for students to return and our attention and time is again split in so many directions. How do we manage? Manage without stress and being pulled in so many directions.


Psalm 121:2

My help comes from the Lord,

the Maker of heaven, and earth.


Our families have been running on summer time, even the homes of adults are running on a different schedule. August pulls us back. It is time to slow down, not speed up. It is time to look at all of the activities and their importance is our family our lives, our community our church our family.


Psalm 127:1-5 reminds us that our house is built; our family is formed and blessed by heeding His word.


Our grandparents had to learn to value their time to make sure they had family time spent in church and at home music, conversation and praise. Our parents seemed to have less time yet with more conveniences yet they tried to make time for important church, family activities and events in community. All generations balanced this with work, growing/gathering food and all of the household chores involved in life. We have even more conveniences and time saving technology and yet here we are struggling to balance what is really important. What is really building our family? What is leading our lives? Where does our help come from? How is our life being built?


Psalm 128:1-6 As we build our family, as we build our lives scripture may guide us through what is important; what builds and sustains our family.


August is a month that brings these scripture passages to focus and to our prayer. Think back to Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. This A.C.T.S. prayer model guides us through application of the scripture mentioned.


During August take time to live. Take time to share and build family. Decide what is important and what can wait or maybe eliminated by conversation, communication and acknowledgement of family.


Take time to be engaged with a family member, a neighbor, a friend. They are family too. Rejoice in the many aspects of family and build a strong bond.

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