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  • 10:30 AM Morning Drive-in Worship Service

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  • 7:00 Commission Meetings (2nd)

  • 8:00 Board Meeting (2nd)




  • 9:00 Men's Bible Study Breakfast (alternate) at Dravenstott's Restaurant


Witness Corner
July 1, 2021
Prayer and Meditation are Partners

In your quiet time you may have noticed that prayer is so near. Honor your Lord by opening your meditation with prayer. If you set an intention before you begin both your prayer and meditation will align. As your prayer develops you will feel the meditation focus. During this month you will find a meditation focus for each week, a suggestion, as a member of our church family topic: prayer. Every week an aspect of the A.C.T.S. Model of Prayer will guide you.


This first week of July we can find inspiration in:


Psalm 9:2

I will be glad and rejoice in you;

I will sing praise to you name, O Most High.


Psalm: 13:6

I will sing to the Lord,

for he has been good to me.


As we sing hymns during Sunday service, heart hymn or praise song on our radio or even hear that little favorite hymn/praise song in our head we can notice the devotion it brings forth. This very song gives praise to our Lord. We feel closeness, a respect, a gratitude for his many blessings in our life.


In a way hymns when we listen or sing them on our own is a form of meditation. You are quiet in your mind and spirit as you listen or sing. Your focus is on praise to our Lord. Many hymns and songs are a form of prayer. What a glorious way to begin a meditation.


Let your meditation grow from a hymn or song. You may be prompted to focus on an aspect of the song later in you meditation time. You could open your meditation time with a song to quiet you mind followed by you opening prayer. The song may set the focus for your prayer. Your mediation follows and you become closer to that inner voice.

Now your meditation has become richer. Not only are you honoring the Lord in song but also allowing your mind to realize the many blessings you have received in your life. You may think of all of the blessings now in your life, your family, our church family and in the world.


You will find more information about the ACTS Model of Prayer posted on the bulletin board in the church entrance, across from the mail boxes. There is an acrostic A.C.T.S. shared by the Navigator Ministries many years ago. Each letter stands for a prayer emphasis area/focus within our personal prayer times.

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